Sunday, April 22, 2007

For GOD's Sake

Every moment in my life is a small part of love. I was born with feelings that I am different. I can feel people from the way they live. From the way they talk. From the way they walk. From the clothes they wear. From the way they move.

I never thought that life is going to pass me that roughly, but it did, and it still does. for days and nights I always thought that love is happiness, that love is relaxations, that to love someone, is to make a commitment to...

Days passed me even months, and inside me is a strong conflict, where am I going to be, when will I find my self, with the person I love with the person I care about... "With the person I WANT"!!!

After every end of relationship I die. So I decided to be alone again and again. As me and loneliness we become soul mates. I can't move away from it even for a min.

Before. I was thinking that loneliness means to have no one around you. But it's wrong. Loneliness is when your heart escape from your body. And you start looking about it in your chest. But in place of it you will find your heart giving you a small note... saying "I NEED YOU"!!!

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